A New Era for Straightforward and Dependable Tractors From Massey Ferguson.

We began the Massey Ferguson® 8S Series project with a blank page. At the heart of it was the global “Voice of the Customer” study: an in-depth, one-to-one interview with customers and operators in several countries across the globe.

Key feedback from you, the customer, underlined the need for comfort, ease of use, value for money, excellent reliability, intuitive and convenient controls, efficiency transmitting maximum power to the ground, 100% connectivity, and the ability to work with the most demanding implements. 

It was an exciting and inspirational project for all those involved and an opportunity to build on Massey Ferguson’s strong heritage of straightforward, dependable machines.

The result: a Massey Ferguson tractor for a new era. The MF 8S Series.


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Model Specifications

* @ 1,550RPM (MF 8S.205 @ 1,500RPM)

MF 8S.205 205 EPA Tier 4 final-compliant Dyna E-Power, Dyna-VT 707.3 22,000
MF 8S.225 225 EPA Tier 4 final-compliant Dyna E-Power, Dyna-VT 737.5 22,000
MF 8S.245 245 EPA Tier 4 final-compliant Dyna E-Power, Dyna-VT 811.3 22,000
MF 8S.265 265 EPA Tier 4 final-compliant Dyna E-Power, Dyna-VT 885 22,000

Massey Ferguson Performance

Our technology solutions enhance your tractor performance.

A tractor can only be as good as it its weakest link. MF tractors ensure that the performance and efficiency of the engine, transmission, and hydraulics are optimised to minimise fuel use and maximise output without compromising the environment and requiring a high operator workload.

Massey Ferguson Productivity

We’ve automated functions and operations to boost productivity.

Operation of today’s modern, widest and most sophisticated implements involves a number of functions using the linkage, hydraulics, PTO and transmission, especially on a headland turn. Grouping these functions together or automating them gets the best out of tractor and implement.