Berends rippers enable you to do a lot of hard work with minumum effor. Ideal for breaking up hard ground, ripping up stumps or rock, planting trees, laying polythene pipe or removing rabbit warrens.


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Model Specifications

RIPPERS Compact S/Tine Std S/Tine HD S/Tine Mole Drainer Deep Ripper
Main Tne Section 100 x 25mm 150 x 32 150 x 50 300 x 20 150 x 32
Overall height 1.10m 1.20m 1.30m 1.3m 0.95m
Maximum working depth 490mm 500mm 700mm 700mm 650mm
Tractor H.P. 16-25 H.P. 25-60 H.P. 60 H.P + 40 H.P. 70 H.P +
Tractor CAT connection Cat 1 Cat 1/2 Cat 2 Cat 1/2 Cat 2
Nett weight (kg) 30 65 100   -
John Berends Implements was established on the 6th October 1966, by John Berends at a weatherboard house in Narre Warren, Victoria, manufacturing grader blades, rippers, car trailers and carryalls.
  • Australian made
  • 100% Australian owned
  • Continue to provide strong, reliable and price competitive Australian made implements