Auger teeth & pilots - earth & rock

Choosing the correct teeth for your auger

Ground conditions can play a big part when choosing teeth for your auger. If you want your auger to perform at its best, you need to choose the correct teeth. Digga auger teeth can be grouped into four basic types;

  1. TS range: Drill into earth, clay, and shale - Up to 5t
  2. TM range: Drill into earth, clay, and shale - Up to 24t
  3. TT Combination earth & rock: Drill into soft earth and clay / rip into fracturable rock - Up to 50t
  4. Rock Picks for rock: Shale, fracturable rock, concrete, and abrasive conditions - Up to 50t


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Model Specifications

TS Bladed - 8mm TM Bladed - 14nn TT Taper Lock Picks - 19mm/25mm
Suit TP / A1 / A3 / A4 Auger Suit A6 / A8 Auger Suit RC4 / RC6 / RC10 / RC11 Auger Suit DR4 / DR6 / DR8 / DR11 
Blade / Chisel - Tp to 5T Blade / Chisel - Up to 24T Round Tapered - Up to 50T Rotating Rock Picks - Up to 50T
Earth / Tungsten Carbide / MFT Tungsten Carbide / MFT Multi Faceted Tungsten (MFT) Hardened Tungsten


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